3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your PC

Slow computers are annoying and frustrating, preventing you from being able to be able to do everything from playing games to watching movies to even doing work. It's a big problem, but luckily, it's one which is easily solved. Here are 3 ways to do it:

1) Uninstall any unwanted programs

Programs that run on your PC all take up valuable system resources, which all contribute to making your PC run slower. This is okay if your computer can handle the load, but in many cases, its one of the biggest causes of a slow machine. What happens is that many of the programs you have on your PC actually run in the "background". This is where they run without you knowing they are there, which means they take up valuable memory & CPU speed, which slows your PC down.

To combat this, you just need to uninstall any program that you don't want / need. And to do that, you just need to click onto START > CONTROL PANEL > ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS. You can then go through the list of programs on your PC, and remove the ones you don't want.

2) Remove any unwanted files

With the Internet being such a prominent part of our lives now, many people have 1,000's of files that they simply don't need. This slows your PC down a lot, because every time your PC starts, it scans all the files on your hard drive. The more files there are, the longer it takes for your PC to "index" them, which slows it down. It does this to allow your computer to be able to search your hard drives a lot quicker, and can also slow your system down a lot.

To fix this, and speed up your PC a lot, you simply need to go through your system and delete any of the unwanted files that you have. Just take a look through your normal folders and see if any files can be removed. A good tip here is to delete files by pressing SHIFT & DELETE. This permanently removes the files instead of sending them to the recycle bin.

3) Clean out the registry

The registry is the central database for your PC, which basically stores all the settings and options for your computer. It's where your PC is constantly saving and opening files which it needs to run, but unfortunately, these files actually become corrupted over time, which makes your system run slow. As the files become corrupted, Windows actually spends longer trying to read them, which slows it down.

Luckily, there's an easy way to fix this problem - by using a piece of software called a registry cleaner. This kind of software is basically one which scans through the central database and fixes any of the corrupt files, and dramatically speeds up your computer.

We've found the best registry cleaner for speeding up your PC, is one called RegFresh

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