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A slow computer is one of the most annoying hassles you run into in your day to day life. You simply jump on the computer to complete a set task you want to do but you find that you are waiting for what seems like hours on end for your computer to start up. Now in a time like we are in now there is no time to waste as life is fast paced so how can you bring your computer back up to speed?

If you are using a windows computer then your computer has a system registry where it stores all the errors it has encountered with so if it is to find these again if will no what to do. Now the problem here is that the viruses of today are created by very smart people and they are constantly transforming themselves and find different ways to get around your computer.

Your system registry begins to over store files and this can dramatically slow down your computers speed. Now how can you fix this problem so your computer does not run into this in the first place?

Well a good routine will help to keep your computer system in check and running smooth. You should not leave your computer on for longer then a day and that is becoming a more common practice. Shut down your computer every night before you go to bed it will save you money from less power usage as well.

But the easiest way to stop these errors is to use a simple scan that detects the errors and eliminates them instantly. They can speed your computer up to its original speed and beyond in fewer than 10 minutes and you can find them online and in stores.

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computer | technology

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