Goole Chrome : Indonesia Not Ready application Chrome OS

Bencoeloen : Chrome operating system OS may be claimed only as the nearest competitor Microsoft, but that happens in the country of course, and not in Indonesia. Noo why?

For work related to the way that you run Chrome OS itself, that requires the internet for online can be used. Because the system is operating this web more ways of cloud computing, or systems that are running in the cloud. And in Indonesia, the infrastructure to support that it is not ready.

"The system is web-based operations such as that, I feel lucky to be implemented in Indonesia at this time. Because of the network in the country that have not been strong," said Tony Seno Hartono National Technology Officer of Microsoft India, when contacted okezone, in Jakarta, Thursday (9 / 7 / 2009) yesterday.

It is said also by Tony, Indonesia user electricity that often dead-alive, also the obstacles that prevent the operating system to implement this. Because indeed, cloud computing into the main menu of this OS.

Microsoft does not have its own OS rather similar, the Gazelle, the way this work is similar to that of similar-besutan Google Chrome is the OS. Therefore, also, why not introducing Gazelle in the country.

"Origins know, such as the Web OS are provided free of charge. But it is not honest, because in running a data communication, and also to pay. If the data is large, the cost spent many," he explained.

However, Tony ensures that Gazelle can only be implemented in Indonesia, but in certain places that have a strong broadband network.

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