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Author: Sandra Stammberger

Most people look to entertainment as an escape for their day to day lives. As a result, the entertainment market is quickly becoming one of the most successful business sectors in the world. Video gaming is one particular market that is booming and at the top of that boom is the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 with over 10 million units sold is becoming one of the fastest growing gaming platform among teens and adults. Many design and game companies such as Electronic Arts design and sell Xbox 360 games by the millions globally. The internet has swelled profits by offering downloadable Xbox 360 games. The dark side is that with the advent of the downloaded game many scammers have risen offering "free" fake Xbox games.

What things do I need to look out for if I want to download a legitimate Xbox 360 game? Many attempt to use scams in providing Xbox games instead of providing a legit service. Many of these scammers make it seem as if you are getting an Xbox 360 game "free" but never understand there is a scam being run on them. These scams spawn from websites and torrent sites that offer "free" Xbox games or very cheap games.

Most people aren't aware of just how dangerous these Xbox 360 game downloads can be. Nearly 80% of all games downloaded contain some sort of virus or malware. The other 20% often don't function properly. Not to mention that downloading these games is considered to be copyright infringement so you have no technical support should something go wrong.

It seems that the only legit, easy and guaranteed solution for downloading functional Xbox 360 games is joining a Xbox 360 membership site. This site will give you access to unlimited Xbox games for few dollars with full support and guarantee for the product sold. The games on the site are 100% legit and functioning, offered with a customer support that will replace the game if it malfunctions.

Once you consider the pros and cons it will be up to you as to whether you want to take the risks associated with downloading free Xbox 360 games from some sites or to go with the safer route.

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