2009 Top Five Survey

Although there is a hodgepodge of survey software available online, there are a few that have made it to top spots. Following are the top five survey software of 2009.

Survey Crafter Professional

This software generates unique survey forms complete with personalized company logos, customized designs and questionnaire templates. It includes some of the best statistical tools including frequency tables, banner tabulations, graphs, standard deviation and correlation matrices. The software allows exporting of results to Word, Excel, or Text file formats.


This is one complete survey software and an ideal tool for customer surveys, public opinion surveys, employee surveys, HR evaluation and more. It offers a wide range of features including questionnaire design, written questionnaire forms, sample selection, telephone interviews, data editing, email and web based surveys and built-in statistical analysis and reporting tools.

The Survey System

This is a very flexible package adaptable to various kinds of surveyors. Everyone from newbie surveyors to market research experts can use this software. If you want a sophisticated version, you can go for the Professional Edition priced at $999. Apart from easy design tools for online surveys, this software also offers high quality analysis and reporting.


FormArtist allows surveyors to generate multiple page web surveys and HTML forms in a jiffy. The software offers simple features for calculation, validation and page skip. Everything from survey design and distribution to data collection and analysis can be done with ease. You can also customize the forms in every way you want.


SurveySaid is essentially three survey programs running simultaneously: Survey Creator, Survey Respondent and Survey Analyzer. The software offers a good collection of question choices which can be customize according to your needs. For the analysis, you have the banner tabulations and graphs. Surveyors can import or export survey results from Text files as well.

Source By : Jack A Brown

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