10 Easy and methode to make computer secure

Nowadays, we do everything in our computer starting from online banking to shopping in our computer. As we do this on regular basis we are more threatened to virus, hackers, spywares, adwares and so on. Here I am going to discuss with you a very easy and cost effective way to make your computer secure.

1. Make Backups: Making backups in regular basis is very important. You can use any reliable good software which does this for you or you can manually do it by yourself. You can make the backup in an external hard disk or use any other source like uploading in your personal secure server or even use windows space.

2. Update: on regular basis is also essential particularly anti virus, anti spywares and registry cleaners as new cyber threats are being discovered everyday. Updating operating system and browser is also important.

3. Install a firewall or a good resident shield: This is to prevent any incoming viruses and unknown programs enter your computer.

4. Always check your browser and email settings: Javascript and Active-X are sometimes used by hackers to plant malicious programs in your computer. It's good to set your security setting for the Internet zone to high and trusted zone to medium low.

5. Do not install any unknown anti virus softwares: Always download from trusted authority websites or from the official website of the anti virus. Some of the reputed anti virus are Norton, MacAfee, Nod32, AVG etc. Some of the authority websites are download.com, cnet.com, softpedia.com etc.

6. Never open unknown email attachments: Just few years back, hackers main target of attacking a computer was by sending a very good offer to a person by email and by convincing them to open the email attachment.

7. Do not run any unknown programs:Do not send or run any funny programs or a website link as it may contain trojans which will infect you computer.

8. Keep your network or Internet connections off when you are not using it. This also includes closing your wireless modem even if you are using for only one computer as hackers can break into wireless connection and access your files. Also, make sure to secure your wireless Internet connection with a password.

9. Use Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is said to be the most secure browser compared to all others. So make it your default browser and start using it on regular basis if your not doing it now.

10. Keep a Registry cleaner to keep your registry fast and secure. I would personally recommend you to use Registry Easy as it helps you make your computer fast and manage startup. You can also make a backup for your registry on regular basis and fix any new errors.

Source By : saif chy

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