Bencoeloen : What Devices can i use to store my data

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Storage devices are used for storing files. There are many types of storage devices, some have larger capacity than others.

It all started with floppy disks which had little capacity but at that time were very useful. Rewritable cd's and dvd's came out later and were used to move data from one place to another. Nowadays we have many types of storage devices, from USB's, SSD's to remote hard drives that provide a huge amount of capacity and space to store files.

You got mp3 players that are used not only for playing music but for storing information too, you can put data on them trough an USB connection, and you can do the same with mp4 players and mobile phones. There are differences in storage capacity and copying speed between specific devices, and there is a difference in price of course as well.

Usually the price differs depending on how much capacity the device possesses. Devices come in different shapes and sizes and the main goal of providers is to make devices that are small in size and have a lot of free space on it.

You must be careful when using storage devices because you can get a virus from some other computer easily and you can infect other computer as well. That particular virus can be attached to some executable file on your storage device. Let's take the USB storage device for example. You can plug in the USB device and the virus will automatically start to look for other files that are executables on that computer.

You can store files on your mp3 player that are not mp3 files, you can add images, movies and basically everything you want. However, you will only be able to access those files if you plug in the mp3 player to a computer. That is in case your mp3 player doesn't support other types of files, there are some that actually do support these types of files though.

Storage devices now have more space than before; you got drives that have one TB (1000 GB) of free space, and floppy discs for example had only about 14 MB of free space. You have external hard drives that offer the biggest amount of space in general and are suitable to be carried around. They are packed in a hard case that can be carried because it is safe that way, you just need to plug it in your USB port and to plug it in a hub to power it.

Storage devices can come in handy when traveling, when you don't have access to the internet and need to give some data to somebody, when you need to take some data from friends, colleagues, etc.

Storage devices are not so expensive nowadays as people are constantly using them for fast file moving, copying and similar processes. If you need a storage device you should first see what you need, is it for your personal computer or for transport of data. Once you decide what you need you have a really big choice of designs and technical specifications of devices so you can choose what suits you best, you can than compare the prices and make the best deal possible for yourself. read 10 methode to make computer secure

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Thank you for sharing this great information.

inibraS said...

Thank you for sharing this great information.

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