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The people at Google sure do spend a lot of time thinking up new and better ways to do things. The company has yet again demonstrated how fostering a culture of constant unconventional thinking can open up boundless possibilities. Google recently announced a new service which they are calling Google Squared.
While this latest offering from the search giant is still in the experimental stage, this early we could already see its advantages. For one thing, it helps users narrow down their searches into more manageable volumes as the suggestions that are provided by the search are already relevant to the user. Often, we spend the majority of our time just trying to sift through all the websites to see which ones contain the details we need. Google Squared addresses that problem.

Also, this makes for more productive research as the information is already organized. All there is left to do is read through the information and edit or add items accordingly. The time spent collecting and sorting information is reduced.

Google Squared Explained

Basically, Google Squared helps you gather the information you need on a particular topic. As opposed to a typical engine search, when you type in a topic you are not merely given a list of websites to choose from. Google Squared generates a set of information in table format with the table containing details such as the name of an item, and image, a description and so on. You will also find links on the table from where Google took the information.

Customizing and Sharing Features

Google Squared allows for convenient table customization where you can easily edit the rows and columns that a table contains. If a certain item doesn't belong in a square, you can remove it by clicking the X shown beside the item name. You can also add more columns and rows if you feel the information that is given to you is not quite sufficient. Click on the "add columns" box and a dropdown menu of suggested items will appear. If the suggested items are not to your liking, you can also type in your own.

You can also share your "squares" with your contacts. You simply sign in to your account then save the square. You can view your squares again upon sign-in and clicking on the "saved squares" menu. You then copy the web address and send that to your friends.

Ensuring Information Accuracy

Google Squared also enables users to double check the information that they are given. Searches generate all available details on a given topic and sometimes, depending on how accurate your phrasing is, the information that is provided may be too narrow, too general or too numerous. With Google Squared, you can check on the values that are provided on the tables.

Let us say, for instance, that you asked for pricing information on digital cameras and you want to check for other pricing suggestions. Simply hover over a table cell and it will light up to indicate web source as well as other value suggestions. Click on the "other values" link to see the list.

Source By : Ritchie Smythe

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